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        Shadows & Light


 I carelessly swept my emotions under the rug

          and left my feelings out to dry.


I ran from myself

          until I ran out of breath.


My footsteps became hollow

          and my mind empty, too full of things

          I was told would make me happy.


Parts of my life that I kept hidden,

          neatly folded and tucked away

          within the cool dark recesses,

                    began to attract my attention.


When I finally stepped inside to look around,

          I saw the darkness was nothing to fear,

          saw the shadows turn into light and disappear.


I began to weep, wailing in the safety of my room,

          unashamed of the depth of my sadness and despair,

          sobbing for my wounds, for everyone’s, and everything

                    and for no reason at all.


Sometimes, I wept openly in the arms of others

          who began shedding their own fears.


Now, late at night, when the moon comes calling and shadows fall,

          I find stars filling my eyes instead of tears.


And, each day, when the sun again rises, filling the morning sky,

          I find sweet rest in its healing, radiant light.


                                                             Brooks Garten Hauschild , © 2012.                                       

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