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White is a most sacred color, standing for purity, innocence and desire for simplicity. White’s basic characteristic is equality: all colors are equal with white. While it has associations with both life and death, white usually stands for wholeness and harmony. Buddhists regard it as the color of self-mastery and the ancient Egyptians considered white and green to symbolize joy. White and silver also related to the moon and the unconscious, feminine side of human kind.
Green is the bridge between yellow and blue, the gateway in the spectrum. Symbolizing hope renewal and peace, green is the color of harmony and balance. It is associated with nature and all its aspects, the cycle of birth and death. It is the sacred color of Islam. In Christian thought vernal green denotes immortality, hope, the growth of the Holy Spirit in people, triumph over death and ressurection of spring after winter. Green’s most important quality is that of transformation. Clarity and understanding are also at green’s core.
Yellow and Gold stand for the sun and all its various attributes. They signify divine power, enlightenment and immortality. Yellow is the color of happiness, wisdom and imagination. In China it is regarded as the earthly, feminine principle. Gold is the wise old sage, the color of experience, maturity and deep self-knowledge. In Hinduism gold is life, truth, light, the seed and the sign of Agni—the Hindu god of fire. Buddhists regard it as the color of humility. Gold soothes the nerves and promotes an overall feeling of well-being.
Orange, the complement of blue, is the color of knowledge and positive optimism. A mixture of red and yellow—vitality and wisdom, orange also represents youth, curiosity and fearlessness. Orange is invigorating and the color of luxury, pleasure and splendor! It is the most beneficial of all colors for dealing with grief and loss.
Red represents transformation, strength, vitality and passion. Most likely it is the first color to have made a great impact on humans. Red is the color of fire—and blood, the source of mysterious power, life force, the mainstream of life. Red and white together are expressions of wholeness and perfection, unity and balance. In China, as in most cultures, red symbolizes the positive masculine essence and is regarded as the luckiest of colors. Universally, red is seen as the most creative and life-giving color. Red combinations include scarlet, crimson, flame and magenta with pink as the “higher vibration” of red.
Pink embodies the gentler qualities of red and symbolizes love and affection. It represents deep inner beauty, universal love, compassion and fulfillment of potential. Pink is comforting, relieving depression and loneliness. It’s a good color to use in a crisis.
Blue is the color of the great deeps, the feminine and the Great Mother, symbolizing infinity, peace, compassion and healing. Most cultures connect blue with truth, wisdom, constancy and introspection. As blue’s intensity deepens its many qualities are enhanced. Indigo, for example, is said to show a high degree of spiritualism, while paler hues suggest self-reliance and idealism. Cooling and calming, blue implies a tranquil spirit and sincerity.
Purple has the body of red and the spiritual nature of blue held in perfect union. It is the bridge to higher planes of consciousness and represents spiritual maturity. Some consider purple the color of the nucleus of life impulse---the color of the opening bud, the first streak of dawn and the last ray of the setting sun. In the West purple is the color of religious devotion and in many cultures is connected to ritual and royalty. Shades of violet and lilac represent spiritual service, intuition and healing powers
Gray is the most neutral color of all—the balance between the extremes of black and white. Gray represents a search for composure and peace. It implies dedication and a desire for quietness and space. At its highest silvery hue gray is the ray of peace. Silver calms the nerves and restores the equilibrium. Along with qualities of endurance and understanding, silver represents the feminine part of the self, the moon, the delicate and cool.
Brown is dark yellow-red and represents the color of the earth. It is associated with stamina and patience, and represents qualities of concentration and common sense. The touch of red fire in brown adds a spark of surprise. The coppery bronze side of brown contains several colors within it and represents multiple positive aspects, particularly flow and balance. Those who relate to tan show quiet assurance and deep intuition, trusting in the natural order of things on earth.
Black is the dark earth out of which all new life springs; the great void from which all comes. It is connected to our higher philosophical thoughts and ideals.  Black represents mystery and discipline, which can bring freedom and liberation. Every color of the rainbow is found within black; therefore, black holds the mystery of hidden colors.
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